Reusable Car Protecting Cover
Reusable Car Protecting Cover
Reusable Car Protecting Cover

Reusable Car Protecting Cover

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Keep your car safe and clean from scratches, snow, dirt, and other damages with Disposable Car Cover. Made from durable elastic-plastic material to protect the whole car of any shapes and sizes, roof to tires

Collapsible, lightweight and easy to store, an item you can bring in your car wherever you go. Saves you time and money, zero cleanup, needless for car repair.


  • Instant Car Protection

Instantly protects cars through covering it and blocking dust, wind, snow, water, and other damages.

  • Elastic and Large

Made large and elastic to perfectly cover the whole car, suitable for cars of any type, model, and size, from the roof to its tires. 

  • Waterproof and Weatherproof

Made from thick waterproof and weatherproof materials, enabling it to withstand all kinds of storm and weather.

  • Zero Clean Up

Disposable and extremely effective, saves the time and energy you usually spend on cleaning, washing, and scrubbing your car.

  • Easy to Store

Made from lightweight and collapsible plastic materials enabling you to store it anywhere.

  • Easy to Installation

Easy to set up; doesn’t need any supporting tools. Simply put it on and cover your car.


Material: PVC Chemical Fiber

Size: S:3.6*6M, M:3.8m*6.5m, L:4.1m*6.6m, xL:4.8m*7.5m

Package Includes

1x Reusable Car Cover