Painless Hair Removal Cream
Painless Hair Removal Cream
Painless Hair Removal Cream

Painless Hair Removal Cream

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Say goodbye to sharp razors, brutal cuts & ingrown hair bump

Painless Hair Removal Treatment Cream removes hair INSTANTLY close to the root, slowing down the hair regrowth time.

Formulated with plant enzymes as a natural hair inhibitor, it dissolves the proteins that make up hair from its roots to slow downing hair growth from follicles - pain-free & mess-free on various body parts.

Quick and effective hair removal without cutting makes your hair grow back slower, sparser & finer.


  • Instantly remove hair close to the root without shaving
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to prevent hair ingrowth
  • Inhibits & discourages hair growth
  • Professional silky smooth result with finer & sparser hair
  • Offers a hydrating & refreshing after-effect
  • Hypoallergenic & suitable even for sensitive skin 


  • Net Weight: 120g


  1. Apply cream for 3-5 minutes
  2. Use a towel to wipe from an opposite direction of hair growth
  3. Rinse to clean skin


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