Multi-Port Car Power Inverter
Multi-Port Car Power Inverter
Multi-Port Car Power Inverter
Multi-Port Car Power Inverter
Multi-Port Car Power Inverter
Multi-Port Car Power Inverter
Multi-Port Car Power Inverter
Multi-Port Car Power Inverter

Multi-Port Car Power Inverter

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The hottest car accessory is here! Our Multi-Port Car Power Inverter will make you enjoy and like traveling a lot better. You can use this for charging your phones, cameras, plugging in appliances that you might need for traveling and a whole lot more.


It uses a unidirectional DC power source which is commonly used for low voltage applications like automotive applications, charging batteries. Aside from that, it also enables the inverter to mimic an AC power source where voltages can be manipulated to higher or lower voltages. Higher voltages mean higher efficiency in sending electricity to great distances. 


It powers up gadgets with 220V requirements. Since it is a multi-port inverter, it can power up many gadgets and handle several power sources at once.  It is the perfect product for you travelers! The best way to prevent battery shortagesIt is used by just connecting to the car’s power port and plugging the gadgets on it. Use this and achieve your travel goals with your friends and family.



  • Multi- port
  • It has multiple USB input ports and has plug-in ports, enabling the user to charge multiple devices at once.

  • Universal input sources
  • This inverter’s input port for plugs are designed to be universally used, capable of charging different plugs from all countries. If you are on a foreign trip, this inverter is your best friend.

  • Uses unidirectional DC power source
  • Unidirectional DC power source enables it to mimic an AC power source. AC voltages can be transformed into higher or lower voltages. Higher voltages enable sending electricity to great distances with higher efficiency.

  • Good for gadgets with 220V requirements
  • You can charge gadgets with up to 220V requirements.

  • Perfect for travelers
  • If you’re fond of road trips and traveling, this product is perfect for you. With the help of this power inverter, you can use your gadgets without worrying about battery shortage. You can enjoy unlimited music, watch unlimited movies, and take unlimited photos all you want.

  • Can be used for appliances
  • You can also bring mini appliances or tools like hair dryer and toaster, etc. while on the go and plug them into this power inverter.

  • Perfect for a long drive
  • Long road trips more often demand an extreme amount of battery for your gadgets, with this interver, no need to worry about your phone, your laptop, or camera dying and ruining your trip.

  • Prevents Battery Shortage
  • Battery Shortage is the most common problem every traveler and car user faces, and now that the multi-port power inverter is coming your way, you will never have to worry about it!

  • For Daily Use
  • Not just for distant traveling, but also daily driving. You can charge your gadgets while driving your kids to school, going to the office, grocery shopping, and more.

  • Developed with advanced technology
  • With the help of high-end technology, the manufacturers were able to produce this product to be durable, efficient and safe to use. 



    1) Single Port : 75W

    2) Multi-Port: 150W

    Weight: 0.6kg / 0.3kg

    Color: Black


    1 Single Port Car Power Inverter


    1 Multi-Port Car Power Inverter