Instant Glass Stains Remover

Instant Glass Stains Remover

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Getting sparkling clean windows is not an easy job unless you have our Instant Glass Stains Remover with you. It’s time to get rid of those hard water marks, dusts and dirt at once!

To effectively and efficiently clean the unwanted spots and dirt on windows, the special formulated cleaner will first remove the high concentration of minerals (magnesium and calcium) on the surfaces and form an invisible protective film to maximize the result.

There are also soft abrasive particles to clear all hard water stains and other stubborn dirt just in a heartbeat with the mild scrubbing effect without scratching any bit of your glass. Simply spray some on a towel or a cloth and swipe on the area you wish, you are ready to have your crystal-clear window back.


  • Remove whatever stains you have on windows: water marks, dusts, dirt, etc.
  • Special Formulated Cleaner
  • Effectively remove the minerals built over time
  • Help form an invisible protective film
  • Soft abrasive Particles
  • Mild scrubbing effect without scratching the window
  • Maximize the cleaning result
  • Simple and easy to use: 2 steps only


Volume: 200 ml


Instant Glass Stains Remover x1