Center Marking Tool
Center Marking Tool
Center Marking Tool
Center Marking Tool
Center Marking Tool

Center Marking Tool

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When you need to make perfectly centered markings, this tool is for you!

Our Center Marking Tool hugs your wood to make an accurately centered line. You can also use notches to mark offset lines from 1/16'' to 1/2'' from the edge in 1/16'' increments.

It's great for marking out mortises & rabbets, or for making reference lines for drilling holes. It works well with standard wooden pencils & features an on board pencil storage slot. Enjoy the embedded magnet that allows for storage on any iron metal surface, such as a power tool, tool chest, or magnetic storage strip.


  • Fits standard wooden pencils
  • Center hole holds pencil in perfectly centered position as you scribe your line
  • Notches for offset marking let you scribe off-center lines, or lines near the edge of large panels
  • Offset notches account for the tip width of a sharpened pencil for an accurately scribed line
  • Integral magnet allows easy storage on ferrous metal surfaces 


  • Material : Polymer with embedded rare earth magnet
  • Offsets : 1/16'', 1/8'', 3/16'', 1/4'', 5/16'', 3/8'', 7/16'', 1/2''


  • Center Marking Tool x 1pc