Car Steering Aid Ball
Car Steering Aid Ball
Car Steering Aid Ball
Car Steering Aid Ball
Car Steering Aid Ball

Car Steering Aid Ball

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Gives you a smooth, strong and steady grip and turn on the steering wheel when driving, extra efficiency and safety.

Car Steering Aid Ball is designed to allow full control of the steering wheel with only one hand, making driving and manoeuvering far easier. 

  • Smooth Turn

Allows smoother turns especially U-turns, enables faster parking, safer lane merging and in general handling tight spots. When turning a car, it lessens the turning radius and helps beginners and lady drivers to drive safely and conveniently.

  • Safety Design

Allows max rotated angle up to 90 degrees. When doing difficult car maneuvers, they will provide the much-needed support for controlling car steering wheels safely, conveniently and effectively.

  • Universal Fit

Compatible with most steering wheel diameter below 32mm/1.26in, customize your car with this strengthening car steering wheel knob. The elegant design upgrades the fashion of the car.

  • Durable

This steering wheel knob is made of premium quality metal alloy bolt, ABS knob with plating, ensures maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage. For years of trouble free use.

  • Easy Installation

Clip the ring on the steering wheel at a proper position. Screw the bolt up to fix the ring securely. With a rubber band in the bayonet to protect your steering wheel.


Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 15*60mm

Color: Black, Blue, Red


1x Car Steering Aid Ball