All-Round Crash-Proof Home Protector (5pcs)
All-Round Crash-Proof Home Protector (5pcs)

All-Round Crash-Proof Home Protector (5pcs)

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Tired of seeing chips and scratches on door because of crashing and banging? Let’s find a way to stop it – check out our all-round crash-proof home protector!

Made of high-quality rubber and 3M adhesive tapes, it’s durable and strongly adhesive. Keep your walls and homewares flawless simply by sticking it on wherever you need i.e. door, shelves, toilets, tables or even handles etc. As easy as how you stick it, it’s removable with no traces left.

Together with a noise reduction function, you will no longer hear all the annoying sounds around your home. It’s punch-free and you can stick it without worries. With high resilience, it can ensure every impact is effectively and firmly resisted.


  • High-quality Rubber: Durable, waterproof and high temperature resistant
  • Use of 3M tapes: Strongly adhesive but removable with no traces found
  • Noise Reduction: Prevent from any possible sounds from crashing and banging
  • Strong Homeware Protection: No more scratches and chips
  • Easy to Apply: Punch-free, easy to stick or remove
  • High Resilience: Firm resists the possible impacts
  • Multi-Functional: Applicable to doors, shelves, toilets, tables, fridges, handles and more


Color: 5 random pieces from white, nude, light purple, purple, pink, blue and brown

Size: 5 cm (diamater)


All-Round Crash-Proof Home Protector x1 Pack (5pcs)